Pace of Play
Last Updated: 01/26/12

                                                                          Policy for Slow Play

1.  Marshal- The Men’s Club will enlist a Tournament Marshal to aid in correcting Slow Play at Club Tournaments. 
a.  The TM will be free to roam through the Course being played to assist problem 4somes in speeding their position on the Course.
b.  The TM may position himself on holes with traditional  problems like-  Wilson hole 2 has a lot of balls going right and being posted on the hill to warn the tee box of a no-hit condition.
c.   The TM may put a 4some “on-the-clock” in order to speed them up due to their lagging behind.  When this warning is given the 4some has to make up a minimum of 5 minutes time on the very next hole.  Assume 15 minutes per hole on average.  This would be 1/3 of the distance of an average hole.  The TM will be the sole judge of the progress of the 4some that is placed on-the-clock.  The penalty for failing to make up the time is to pick up all balls and immediately, move to the next tee.  The score card entry for the picked-up hole is par + any handicap strokes.  Each player will be assessed a two stroke penalty for each similar occurrence for prize determination only.
2.  Finishing Hole-   Any 4some that finishes more than 15 minutes behind the preceding group on the 18th Hole will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty in determining prizes only.  The Club time keeper will be at the 18th Hole to inform the players of the penalty assessed.
Techniques for speedy play
3.  Drive in the Rough-  If a ball is driven in the Rough from the tee box, hit a provisional.  It takes less than 1 minute to hit again; as opposed to 8 minutes to go back to the tee due to a lost ball.
4.  Help to find the ball- All players in the group help to find a player’s ball.  
5.  First two to hole out- To make up time, the first two to finish putting should move to the next tee and tee off.  The remaining two will be ready to tee in their regular turn.
6.  Play Ready Golf-  If the field is clear take the shot.
7.  Prepare your putt-  Line up your next putt while the other player is getting ready to putt.