Last Updated: 04/28/19
"The Griff" is the third edition of hopefully a long line of Poker Tournaments celebrating a true American great-- Griff Griffin.

*Note* Apparently, Griff Griffith existed at one point but we're pretty sure Griff Griffin never did. That is, until now. May his spirit be felt by all. 


Sunday 4/28. Registration starts at 5. Cards in the air from 530-11pm.  Last buy in is at 8pm.


VFW POST 8310 -- U.S.S. Gudgeon
1006 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506


Buy in is $60 which gets you 5,000 chips. An optional add on for $40 gets you an additional 5,000 chips. The add-on period ends at 8PM. After which there will be no more rebuys or addons. Last chance to register for the tournament is at 8PM. 

20% of all proceeds for the night go to Griffith Park Golf Club. This is a fundraiser for the President's Cup Matches in the fall. The remaining 80% will go into a prize pool for the lucky winners (payouts will be determined after 8 pm)

There is a full liquor bar here and the owner said it will also be stocked with a lot of different beers as well. They DO NOT serve food here so eat before, or we could order pizzas for 32 guys, but that might be ridiculous. SO DO WHAT GRIFF GRIFFIN WOULD DO AND JUST DRINK YOUR DINNER, FOLKS.

There is plenty of street parking. Please RSVP to me directly if you want in. We are capping this event at 36 players. 

Email me ASAP to lock in your spot. Do it for Griff!


1. Matt Nicklaw
2. James Kendall
3. Andreas Riter
4.  Joseph Watts
5. Rob Labrecque
6. Mel Locke
7. Frank Rosato
8. John Linsao
9. Karl Kaul
10. John Linsao +1
11. Michael Palffy
12.  Roy Andries
13.  Roy Andries +1
14.  Roy Andries +2
15.  Doug Busse
16.  Stephen Tomlin
17.  Les Echeverria
18.  Matthew Guion