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Last Updated: 08/15/19
MGA Team Play Match #6
Griffith Park G.C. vs. Sepulveda G.C. @ Wilson
August 15, 2019

MGA Match #6 represents the last match of the regular season.  Having already punched our ticket into the playoffs, today's match would determine our playoff seeding.  With a win or a tie, we would secure a Top 2 playoff seed and host next month's first round match at Griffith Park.  But a loss would drop us back to a 3rd place regular season finish, meaning we would hit the road.  Would we play at home or away next month?  That was the question to be answered today.

Our first group went out and fought hard, but they were not able to turn in a whole lot of points.  So our attention quickly turned to our second group, featuring Karl Kaul and Mark Olson, to right the ship.  Karl's match got off to an up-and-down start, but he was able to win hole #9 which gave him the front-side.  The tightness continued with nearly every hole on the back nine going back and forth.  Karl was down nearly the whole way but won #17 and #18 to push the back resulting in a narrow 1-up overall victory, winning 5 of 6 individual points from his match.  Mark Olson was our net-leader today.  After winning the front 1-up, he went on a tear - decimating his opponent 6-up on the back.  Mark swept all 6 points from his individual match, and together, Karl and Mark swept all 6 points from fourball too.

So after two groups, we were slightly ahead.  Now it was time for the remaining groups to rain down points on the board!  But our third group came in with a similar result as our first, putting us behind again.  Naturally all eyes turned to the fourth group to bring us back again.  Hopefully we could come back and give our fifth and final group a chance to take us over the top.

But our fourth group came in and we fell further.  It was pretty much done after that.  Not knowing the situation, Albert Grant and Craig Pinckes were still grinding hard in the final group.  Fighting for every point.  Albert had a great round today shooting net-even and winning 5 of 6 individual points from his match.  Craig shot a nice round too with a net-73, and was our gross-leader today with a 78.  But we had just dug ourselves too deep, so despite Albert and Craig's performances - it wouldn't be enough.

The result of today's match was a 0 - 4 loss vs. Sepulveda G.C.  GP loses individual 26 to 34, GP loses team 7 to 23.  Mark Olson gets the free round next time for bringing in a perfect 12 points.

Not the result we wanted but it's water under a bridge now.  Let us look forward to the playoffs.  Two more wins and we'll hoist the league trophy!  We have a GREAT team comprised of a GREAT group of guys so let's keep this going.  Onward.

Playoff fixtures aren't finalized yet, but our 1st round playoff match will likely be on the road vs. Sepulveda G.C. @ Sepulveda on September 19.  Yes, likely a re-match of today, but at their course instead.  You can mark your availability on the MGA Player Sheet anytime.  Will send a reminder a week out.

Jensen Lee

MGA Captain,
Griffith Park Golf Club

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