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Last Updated: 04/18/19

MGA Team Play Match #2
Griffith Park G.C. vs. Sepulveda Seniors G.C. @ Encino
April 18, 2019

I was pulling into the Encino parking lot this morning when my phone rang.  Now let me tell you - when the captain gets a phone call from a player right before the match, it's never a good thing.  "Jensen, it's Paul Robinson," said the caller.  "Look man, I'm on my way but the navigation says I'll be there at 8:22...  when's my tee time?"  I inform Paul his tee time is at 8:16.  F#&!  Oh well, at least I've got my golf clubs in the trunk and can fill in.  "I'm in the car now and I think I can make it," Paul said.  "Alright man, drive safely," I replied.  I hung up the phone and thought to myself there's no way.  Better get myself ready.

And that's how our day started...  although I did find some relief when I saw Matthew Senna of our opening group, pound his tee shot down the first fairway.  The gallery gasped at Matthew's ball speed and you could literally see his opponent shrink about three inches.  Yeah, this young buck came to play!  Matthew was our gross leader today, shooting net 69 (gross 78) and winning 9 points.  A very nice MGA debut for the rookie.  But wait, is Paul here yet?

Our second group featured two ladies.  Cindi and Young were two ringers the Sepulveda Seniors found at the corner of a driving range somewhere.  And these ladies were sticks, single-digit handicaps who each belonged to five different golf clubs.  Ted Johnson and Frank Kornblatt had a serious look of concern on their faces.  Boy, if they lost this match the razzing would never end.  But sure enough - Ted and Frank rose to the occasion!  They rounded the turn 5-up in their team match, and both won the front nine in their individual match.  Ted ended up firing a brilliant net 67, and Frank shot a dazzling net 66.  Both cleaned house winning 12 points each and leaving the ladies empty handed.  Showoffs.

Peter Pritchard and Paul Robinson were next up.  No sign of Paul yet.  I take a few swings with my driver and start to get loose.  Looking over the handicaps, examining the strokes on the card.  Paul was getting five strokes and now we have to give seven!  Oh man this could be the whole day right here.  But wait, who is that man approaching the tee box?  It's Paul!  His leisurely walk to the tee would have made Fred Couples jealous.  Good thing he showed up too, because he had a net 69 packed in his golf bag, winning 10 points.  Going down early in his match, Peter had to grind hard today.  But he made a pivotal birdie on #14, igniting his run to winning his individual match while shooting an even net 72, taking 9 points.

It seems as though I mention Dan Graham's name a lot.  Some people get up to play a match and Dan is certainly one of those people.  He shoots in the net 60s pretty much every match, and backed it all up AGAIN today with a net 67 to take 8 points.  Keep it up Dan.  After winning Griffith Park's 36 hole stroke play championship, Brian Mason continued his winning ways by notching out another victory at Knollwood's tournament held just yesterday.  Another MGA rookie, Brian was coming into his first MGA match red hot.  Despite cooling off just a bit, Brian still managed to shoot a serviceable net 76 today while winning 6 points.

The result of today's match was a 4-0 win vs. Sepulveda Seniors G.C.  GP wins individual 35 to 25, GP wins team 20 to 10.  Ted Johnson and Frank Kornblatt both get a free round next time for winning a perfect 12 points each.

Two road wins to start the season!  Next - we have three home matches in a row, beginning with Sepulveda G.C. at Wilson on May 16th.  You can mark your availability on the MGA Player Sheet anytime.  Will send a reminder a week out.
Jensen Lee

MGA Captain,
Griffith Park Golf Club

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