Policies and Procedures for Handicapping
Last Updated: 07/09/16

Griffith Park Golf Club

Policies and Procedures for Handicapping

The Handicap Committee within the Men’s Golf Club is responsible for all aspects of the USGA Handicap System, including the computation of each member’s Handicap Index.  As a committee, we will verify that all acceptable scores are reported for handicap purposes.  All recorded scores will be made readily available for peer review and random scorecard audits will be performed.

Handicap Committee Members: Mike Berumen: Chair.  Tim Jolliffe, Steve Bloom, Brendan Fehr

As a committee, we ensure compliance with the USGA Handicap System, including peer review. The committee members are all members of the Griffith Park Golf Club.


The handicap committee has set forth the following policies and procedures for all members using the USGA Handicap System.  

1.  Post all acceptable rounds, including 9 hole scores.

2.  Scores must be posted within 2 days of the game being played.

3.  Equitable Stroke Control must be applied to all scores for posting purposes.

What is an Acceptable Score?

>  If 13 or more holes are played in an 18 hole round. 

> If 7 to 12 holes are played for a 9 hole round.

>  Match play, stroke play and team competitions.

> If a player is requested to pick up when out of contention, including team competitions.

If a player is disqualified from a competition but has an acceptable score, it must be posted.


All acceptable scores must be posted within 2 days using one of the following methods. 


>  Posting computer at any golf course utilizing GHIN.

>  Posting on the scga.org website.

>  Posting on the ghin.com website.

>  Reported to the Handicap Chair for posting.


Disciplinary Actions for failure to post or player manipulating their Handicap Index:


1.  First failure to post or an intentional manipulation of your score will result in a verbal or

email notification.

2.  Second failure to post or intentional score manipulation will result in a written


3.  Third failure will result in the appropriate penalty round issued for scores not posted.

4.  After your fourth failure to post your score or continued manipulation of the score file,

further disciplinary action will be taken as the Handicap Chair and Handicap Committee

deems fair and equitable. 


A player must earn a Handicap Index.  No player has an inherent right to a Handicap Index without providing full evidence of ability to our golf club’s Handicap Committee.  The Handicap Committee has the ultimate authority and obligation to adjust a Handicap Index if it feels necessary to do so.  

The Handicap Committee reserves the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein. The Committee reserves the right to reject the entry of any applicant, at any time, for any reason. Any decision by the Committee, in any matter, shall be final." 

Please direct any questions or concerns to Mike Berumen, Handicap Chair.