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The Bambino RESULTS
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The Barber Shop will be closing after 52 years!
Be sure to spend any outstanding scrip you may have in your account with them.


Luis Gonzalez - no scores yet - from Culver City
Gerard Mcguire - only 5 scores - about 20.5 - from Sedona, AZ
Tim Clark - 11.3 index - from Debell
Ryan Anderson - only 6 scores - about a 2.5 from L.A.
Jason Kohls - 11.0 - from Laguna Beach
Ji Kim - 14.4 - from L.A.

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MGA team splits with Sepulveda at Encino.

SCGA team defeats Sepulveda 25-23.
Now have a 2-2-1 record.

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