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February 24 (Sat)  8:00 AM- The Rogow
Format: LowGross/LowNet at Wilson (Griffith Park)

A tournament honoring our longest tenured member Mel Rogow.  Mel served in the merchant marines.  He also was on several GPGC boards over the years and still participates as our GAC representative.  Mel is one of several players to earn a lifetime membership to GPGC.

Deadline: February 17
Maximum Number of Players: 79
COST: $65.00
Contact: William Pollock
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March 2 (Fri)  7:00 AM- 1457: Banned by Law
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Format: LowGross/LowNet at Wilson (Griffith Park)

In 1457 King James II banned the playing of golf.  Due to the threat of invasion, the king needed the soldiers to practice their archery rather than spend time golfing.  It is also the earliest written evidence of the game in Scotland.

Deadline: February 28
Maximum Number of Players: 60
COST: $55.00
Contact: William Pollock
March 21 (Wed)  7:00 AM- 2018 Fourball Championship
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Format: Team Better Ball at Wilson (Griffith Park)

This is the first of three tournaments throughout the year in which a win will put your name on a trophy on display in the clubhouse.  The winning teams will also be sent to represent GPGC in the SCGA Fourball events in the fall.  The winning teams also take the entire pot of their flight.  In past years this has been $640 scrip per team.  Entry fee is $20.  All matches are self-schedule.  The date listed is only our target date for players to begin scheduling their matches with other teams.  All players' email contact info will be made available for scheduling matches.

This is a partner event.  You may sign up as a team or as a single.  If you sign up as a single, you will be put on the list for other singles to contact you.

Matches are scheduled to begin by about March 3rd.  We hope each round can be completed within 1 month time periods (1 match per month).

For more detailed information about the event, please read the Fourball Championship policy.

Deadline: March 10
Maximum Number of Players: 96
COST: $20.00
Contact: William Pollock
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If you do not want to use your credit card to pay for this tournament please bring a check or cash to the tournament. We no longer accept tournament sign-ups and payments in the pro shop.

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