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January 30 (Wed)  8:00 AM- 3/6 Scramble
Format: Team Scramble at Wilson (Griffith Park)

The 3/6 Scramble is back and earlier on our schedule than usual. This is a two man TEAM event. The first six holes you will play best ball. The next six holes will be alternate shot. And the final six holes will be a scramble.

This is a super fun event and our FASTEST of the year. SOLD OUT

CLICK HERE to be put on the waiting list 

Deadline: January 29
Maximum Number of Players: 32
COST: $45.00
Contact: Matt Nicklaw
February 8 (Fri)  8:00 AM- The Bambino
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet at Harding (Griffith Park)

 Our first Harding tourney of the year. The Great Bambino.

Come play the course that Babe Ruth was playing when he was traded to the Yankees.

Deadline: February 7
Maximum Number of Players: 60
COST: $65.00
Contact: Doug Busse
March 15 (Fri)  8:00 AM- 2019 Four Ball Championship
Sign-up Online
Format: MatchPlay-Team at Wilson (Griffith Park)


Our premiere team event is back! One of our majors of the year and also a chance to win some big $$$. This event is self-scheduled and the winners go on to represent our club at the SCGA Four Ball Championships in the fall so we need to play these matches much faster than last year.  Hence the earlier sign up time.

If you have any questions about the rules please CLICK HERE

When you sign up please mark down whether you are signing up AS A TEAM or as an INDIVIDUAL. We will do our best to pair you with someone of a similiar handicap. Keep in mind if you are a team, the largest sroke differential between you can be 5 strokes. You can sign up with someone with a larger differential, but it will be trimmed to 5 shots for competition. 

Major smack-talking on the line! Sign up now!

Deadline: March 15
Maximum Number of Players: 96
COST: $20.00
Contact: Matt Nicklaw
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If you do not want to use your credit card to pay for this tournament please bring a check or cash to the tournament. We no longer accept tournament sign-ups and payments in the pro shop.

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