2016 Junior Application Form
Last Updated: 10/05/16

Benefits for Jr. Members belonging to GPGC include: 

Membership in SCGA (So. Calif. Golf Assoc.).
Opportunity to play in well over 100 SCGA, and GPGC tournaments/year. (please see SCGA website for Tournament Rules and Restrictions.)

FORE the SCGA magazine (6 issues/year)

The So. Calif. Golf Course Directory (on line version)

Semi Weekly E-News

SCGA Casual Golf dates at Private Clubs (Mondays)

Internet posting of scores

$15.00 Roger Dunn Gift Card

A GPGC Towel

A GPGC bag tag

A 2016 - 2017 Rule Book

"Left click and highlight entire Application text below, then copy and paste this form into your favorite word editor"

PLAYER MUST BE 17 or younger


Name; Last :_____________________First: ______________ Date of Birth:________


Address*: ____________________________________Phone*:____________________


City*: __________________________________  State*:__________ Zip*__________


Email*: __________________________________ Emerg Phone: (    )_____-_________

School: ______________________________    Are you on the school's golf team? ___ 

Are you a current or past member of another club? _____ If yes please complete the next line
Other Golf Club's name ____________________________________ Membership # ____ ____________

NOTE  Your member # will be your player page password until you access your page and change it. You will have control on what is published on your player web page.

Method of Conveyance:   ___ US Mail       __ Internet            ___  Hand to Golf Shop

  All Junior Members receive membership in SCGA

Junior Members Fee:    [_XX__]  $0.00   (there is no cost for Jr.  memberships)
Parent/Adults are also invited to join (but not required) at the regular rate of $125.00 for SCGA.  Adult (18+) applications may be picked up at the Griffith Park Pro Shop or downloaded from our website at: www.gpmgc.org.  
First time  members are sent a one time  "GP Welcome Package".  

Mail application with check payable to GPGC, c/o Membership Chairman, Griffith Park Golf Club, 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, L.A. CA 90027.   Payment may be made with cash at the Pro Shop or by credit card using our Web Site address www.gpmgc.or. Existing members go to your Player Page and New Members go to the Contact Us link.and build your page, then "pay on-line” using a Visa or MasterCard credit card with an additional charge of $2.00.  If paying by the internet, complete the application instructions and be sure to include your e-mail address. For questions regarding membership contact: 
Greg Bertens by email at griffithhandicap@gmail.com

Applicant's Signature:____________________________                Date____________
Parent/Guardian's Signature _____________________________    Date____________

This Application expires 12/31 of each year and constitutes the Applicant’s acceptance of the Constitution and By-laws of the Griffith Park  Golf Club.  Applicant agrees to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Recreation and Parks of the City of Los Angeles governing all facilities of the Griffith Park Golf Courses.

Notice:  After December 31, present members will be removed from the computer system and reinstatement will not be completed until 30 to 45 days after renewal and you will not be able to post your scores during this period.