2018 MGA Updates
Last Updated: 03/16/18
MGA Team Play Match #1
Griffith Park G.C. vs. Sepulveda G.C. @ Wilson
March 15, 2018

Our team showed up full of energy this morning, excited to go for the first MGA match of the season.  The grass was damp, the wind brisk, but the sun shined beautifully on this Los Angeles day.
After stumbling out of the gate, the early groups grinded hard to steal some points.  Jesse String was three down with three holes remaining, and took his opponent all the way to 18 to salvage a couple individual points and help squeak out a team win.  The middle of the lineup shined however, with the middle two groups raining down points on the board!  MGA rookie Ji Kim fired a net 67 and won all 12 points, leaving his opponent wondering why he even came.  David Ferrara went sub-70 as well - with a splendid net 69 for 10 points.  Paul Robinson and Steve Bloom also came in with 10 points after their solid day of work.
Another MGA rookie, Dan Graham, had a solid debut by shooting even net 72 to halve his match.  Dan's opponent shot net 73 so that must have been some match!
The result of today's effort was a 2-2 tie vs. Sepulveda G.C.  GP loses individual 31 to 41, but wins team 21 to 15.  Ji Kim gets the free round next time for his perfect performance.  David Ferrara also gets a free round for his 10 points (on a tiebreaker, with a net 69).
Our next match will be vs. Sepulveda Seniors G.C. @ Balboa - Thursday, April 19.  You can mark your availability on the player sheet once you know you can commit to some MGA action.  Will send a reminder a week out.
Jensen Lee

MGA Captain,
Griffith Park Golf Club
P.S. - Due to lift, clean, and place - today's round is not a post-able score.

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