2018 Senior Club Championship Info
Last Updated: 04/03/18
 2018 Senior Club Championship Rules and Info

1. To participate you must be age 50 or over by March 1, 2018. You must indicate your intention to participate by April 19, 2018. 

2. This year the 2018 Senior Championship will be contested as a self scheduled seeded match play ladder consisting of 8 bracket players. 
To qualify for the match play ladder, we will take your best 3 net scores in GPGC stroke play tournaments played during the year starting with the April 20th & 21st GPGC 36 Hole Championship and ending with the final day of the Club Championship Qualifier on August 12th. 

During that period, there are 10 stroke play scores available for the contestants to participate in -- some mid-week, some weekend. Only those tournaments played on Wilson or Harding will count -- the tournament to be played at Hansen Dam on May 25, for example, will not. You can play in any or all 10 qualifying tourneys, but you must participate in a minimum of 3 of the 10 qualifying tournaments to establish your lowest average. We will add up your best three net scores. The 8 participants with the lowest cumulative net scores advances to the match play portion; a tie breaker will be awarded to the participant that played the most qualifier events. 

(Concerning "NET": Net will be your gross score less any handicap strokes you are given on the official score card for that tournament -- whether the strokes your index generates or the strokes the Handicap Committee sometimes assigns in the performance of its duties.") 

The seeded self scheduled match play portion will begin after the 2nd day of the Club Championship Qualifier on August 12th. There will be aproximately 2 weeks to complete each of the 2 barcket and 2 more weeks to schedule and play the Finals. The winners of each match will notify the Tournament Director so the brackets can be advanced and the next pairings can be confirmed. All self scheduled bracket play must be completed before the completion of the September 27th Oktoberfest Tournament. (This will allow us to award President Cup points and finalize the President Cup participants.) It will be mandatory to play the Finals match during the Oktoberfest tournament if the Finals match has not already been decided. The Senior Champion will be the winner of the Finals bracket match! 

The playoff rounds must be played at Griffith Park and Wilson Golf Course will be the default course to play on if one can not be agreed upon.

4. The entry fee is $25 for each eligible player who wants to participate in the Senior Championship. You must sign up and pay by April 20th, 2018 which is the first official qualifier event. Note: You do not need to play in that qualifier event but you must sign up.
Remember, you only need any 3 of the qualifiers to be eligible but only 8 players with the lowest 3 aggregate scores will advance. So play as many events as you can until the end and continue to replace high scores with lower scores because only your lowest 3 scores will be used regardless of how many you have.
Good Luck!