Charlie Chaplin Cup Standings
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1st - FREE MEMBERSHIP for 2019, $150 SCRIP and your name engraved on the Charlie Chaplin Trophy!

2nd - FREE ENTRY in the Christmas Tourney and $100 SCRIP

3rd - FREE ENTRY in a regular tournament and $50 SCRIP

For a breakdown of the rules, 
point distributions and the POY/playoff system please click HERE or navigate to The Charlie Chaplin Cup link on the main page!

YELLOW-  Qualified for the FINALS (11/10)

Congrats to the TOP 16! Good luck in the Finals!!!

All fourball matches complete and tallied- GREAT 2018 EVERYONE

1st 2000
2nd 1650
3rd 1400
4th 1200
5th 1100
6th 1000
7th 950
8th 900
9th 850
10th 800
11th 725
12th 650
13th 575
14th 500
15th 425
16th 350