2016 SCGA Team Play
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SCGA Team Play began in 1900 and has grown to include more than 230 clubs and 8,000 participants each year. Complete info hereTo join the team write Greg Bertens.

2/6 GPGC vs South Bay 
Many of their guys went LOW and unfortunately the GPGC glutes did not activate today, resulting in a 6-42 walloping. 
Actually a couple glutes did activate:  Mike Rojas and Joey Go both won their matches. It appears one of Jim Sabbe's glutes activated to help out Rojas for a team point. Someone else got a point as well (please identify yourself), but I couldn't figure it out from the cards turned in. Everyone grinded, no doubt. But as group after group came in today the attention slowly moved away from the match and to the Waste Management Open on the TV and the pitchers of beer on the table. Hey, it was a beautiful day for golf and we couldn't have asked for a better group of guys to lose with. 
Our next match is in two weeks against Rec Park. Currently we're tied for first with South Bay.

GPGC 2 1 0 4
Rec Park 0 2 0 0
South Bay 2 1 0 4

1/30 GPGC vs Rec Park Results
Apparently we like excitement around here! Today we squeaked out a 25-23 victory over Rec Park, here are the results:
Team 1. Bertens/Babcock - 4pts
Team 2. Welsh/Rojas - 6pts
Team 3. Sabbe/Jolliffe - 6pts
Team 4. McEntee/Ruzicka - 2pts
Team 5. Go/Urie - 6pts
Team 6. Johnson/Warner - 1pt
Team 7. Berumen/Fadler-Spilos - 0pts
Team 8. Alvarez/Kelley - 0pts
We had some impressive shutouts (Welsh/Rojas, Sabbe/Jolliffe, Go/Urie), Babcock taking his match and team, but equally impressive was Ted Johnson grinding to 18 to halve the match to get one point, which ended up being the point that pushed us into victory. McEntee and Ruzicka worked hard for those two essential points as well. And most of these scores were very close, some of our guys even scoring better than their opponents and just barely losing. In the end it's a win, congrats to all the point getters. That bumps our record to 2-0. NICE WORK TEAM.
GPGC 2 0 0 4
Rec Park 0 2 0 0
South Bay 1 1 0 2

1/23 GPGC VS South Bay Results
There's nothing better than starting off the season with a W!  Congrats team GPGC on their first 2016 match, a 30-18 victory over South Bay on Wilson. It was awesome to see the team back in action. Here are how the matches went:
Team 1 - Bertens/Babcock - 6pts
Team 2 - Echeverria/Chung - 0pts
Team 3 - Harrison/Jolliffe - 4pts
Team 4 - Locke/McEntee - 2pts
Team 5 - Tarquinio/Ross - 2pts
Team 6 - Monge/Go - 4pts
Team 7 - Bravard/Warner - 6pts
Team 8 - Fadler-Spilios/Kelley - 6pts