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Marty Tregnan Memorial Results

Fourball teams, please try to complete your
second round matches by Sunday, May 21st.


The 3/6 Scramble
Wednesday, May 17th
A partner event on Wilson
6 holes of better ball, 6 holes of alternate shot & 6 holes of scramble

The Dam

Friday, May 26th at Hansen Dam


  The Barber Shop will be closing after 52 years!
Be sure to spend any outstanding scrip you may have in your account with them.


Latest Results
Barbani/McDermott def. Rinaldi/Temple 4&3
Krause/Krause def. Rojas/Clemente 2&1
E.Gutierrez/Baumgarten def. Go/Avendano 3&2
Gonzalez/Babcock def. Pollock/Allen 19 holes

Handicaps and player contact information

Duhon Bracket - Gallardo Bracket - Strong Bracket

Please go to your player page and pay your $20 entry fee.

Jeff Tapert - 2 scores - from Valley Village
Jeff Fitch - 8.0 - from - Burbank Men's G. C. - Burbank
Mark Olson - 14.5 - from Sherman Oaks
Preston Smith - 11 scores (probably scratch+) - from L.A.
Michael Quan - 4.2  from Monterey Park
Todd Ciborowski - 12.2 - from L.A.

Justin Del Rosario - only 1 score - from Glendale


MGA team splits with Hansen Dam.
Now have a 4-2 record.
Tied with Rancho for 1st.

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