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Volunteers needed for 67th LA City Junior Championships
April 8th thru 10th
contact Les with your availablity.

Frank Kornblatt thanks GPGC for the flowers and all of the members that attended the memorial for his son Brett.  We love you Frank!

St. Patty's Shamble Results


  The Barber Shop will be closing after 52 years!
Be sure to spend any outstanding scrip you may have in your account with them.


Latest Results
Warner/Andries def. Sniegowski/Stephenson 19 holes
Casey/Moylan def. Yoon/Ruzicka 19 holes
Uberuaga/Leland def. Mohammad/Daniel 4&3

Handicaps and player contact information

Duhon Bracket - Gallardo Bracket - Strong Bracket

Michael Quan - about a 4.4  from Monterey Park
Todd Ciborowski - 12.2 - from L.A.

Justin Del Rosario - no scores yet - from Glendale

Calvin Robertson -  24.2 - from L.A.

Fabien Colas - only 1 score - from L.A.

Luis Gonzalez - 7.3 - returning member  - from Culver City

Gerard Mcguire - about 20.2- from Sedona, AZ


MGA team defeats Sepulveda Seniors both ways.
Now have a 3-1 record.

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