Griffith Park Golf Club
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2015 Barber Cup goes to captain Roger Barber and team with a 15.5 to 8.5 victory!

...and on the third try
Calara/Gutierrez def. Brunsell/Downing 5&4
to win the Gallardo bracket
of the 2015 Fourball Championship!

Slate for 2016 Board of Directors 

President: William Pollock

Vice-President: Tim Jolliffe

Treasurer: Michael Leland

Secretary: Jensen Lee

Membership Chairman: Gregory Bertens

Handicap Chairman:  Michael Berumen

Tournament Director: John Chisholm

Members at Large

Brendan Fehr

Anthony Belanger 

Les Echevarria

Immediate Past President

Huy Dang

Ex Officio Board Member (SCGA Rep)

Ted Johnson

Ex Officio Board Member 

Gregory Greenwood





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