Griffith Park Golf Club
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Sunday, August 27th on Wilson
Come out and play a tournament, then watch the final matches come in.

The 81st Club Championship
Friday, August 25th thru Sunday, August 27th
Tee Times (Friday, August 25th)


Final Senior Club Championship Qualifying Results

Tournament Credits
Updated thru Club Championship Qualifying

The Barber Shop is now closed.
We want to offer a huge THANK YOU to Tom, Roger and all of the Barber family for their dedication to serving our membership for 52 years!
We wish them the best!!

Nominating Committee Members:
John Nguyen (Chair)
Russell Cohn
Christian Rinaldi

Elections Committee Members:
Miles Warner (Chair)
Pat Allen
Robert Meertens


Duhon Division Finals
Dang/Althouse vs. Segraves/Cunningham

Gallardo Division Finals
McGinnis/Busse vs. Yeseta/Chung

Strong Division Champions

Tientien Li & Greg Bravard

Handicaps and player contact information
Please go to your player page and pay your $20 entry fee.


Richard Wulfsberg - 16.1 - from Studio City Via Roosevelt G.C.
David Mendelson - 16.4 - from L.A. via Sepulveda G.C.
Michael Strand - 16.7 index - from L.A.
Norbert Osborn - 2.6 index- from L.A.
Kyle Arbaugh - only 1 score - from Manhattan Beach
Andrew Anderson -only 4 scores- from Studio City via Australia
Joe Dellarosa - 14.9 index - from N.J. State Golf Assoc.


MGA team defeats Woodley both ways.
9-4-1 record.
GPGC now has a 5 point lead with only 8 possible points for all teams remaining.

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